Documentación: Textos referentes al grupo «Das K.O.M.I.T.E.E.» (english)

Hay algunos textos relativos al tema en Inglés. Puesto que no somos capaces de verificar la calidad de las traducciones en este momento, sólo proporcionamos los enlaces a los sitios web.

There are some texts concerning the topic that were translated in english. Since we are not able to prove the quality of the translations right now, we only provide the links to the websites.

The radical left bulletin «Arm The Spirit» (Aug./Sept. 1995, p. 8/9) published some texts, i. e. the bulletin of the group «Das K.O.M.I.T.E.E.» to the failed attack on the jail construction site in Berlin-Grünau 1995 and a letter of one of the three man searched by police afterwards).

Moreover, «Arm The Spirit» translated some bulletins of militant german groups of the 1990s, among them the bulletin of the KOMITEE after the attack on an army barrack building in Bad Freienwalde, 1994.Documentaci